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  • 5.8G 450Mbps 3km Outdoor  Wireless Bridge

5.8G 450Mbps 3km Outdoor Wireless Bridge

Item Code: GSD-W503
Brand: GSD
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This CPE support Wireless AP, Gateway, WISP, Wireless Bridge, WDS operation mode, effective solution for PTP, PTMP application and outdoor long range wifi coverage application. What’s more, there is WDS button on the case, easy to do PTP,PTMP connection by press the WDS button and reset button, no need to access into product GUI.

Product Interface

LAN: 1*10/100Mbps RJ45 port, can support 24V Passive PoE.
WAN: 1*10/100Mbps RJ45 port, can support 24V Passive PoE, but it change to LAN port under WDS, Wireless repeater operation mode
RST: Reset Button, press 10~15 seconds, outdoor CPE will revert to default settings.
DC: 12V/1A DC input injector.
WDS Switch Button: S: mean slaver AP(left); M: mean master AP(right).

Pairing Steps:

1.Pick more than 2 pcs wireless bridge at the same frequency
2.Turn the WDS button to Slave which connect with camera,Turn the WDS button to Master which connect with switch/NVR.The master AP can connect with 1~4 slave AP
3.Connect the PoE power adapter with CPE.PoE port connect with CPE’s Wan port,LAN port connect with camera.(Slave AP)
4.PoE port with WAN port,LAN port connect with switch/NVR(Master AP)
5.Near about 60s later,4 LED indicator flash together.Then press down the “RST” button on Master AP,Then press down the “RST”button Slave AP.Waiting 120s,the slave AP will connect with master AP automatically, then master AP and slave AP LED signal LED lights flash one by one,Matching successful.(Keep S and A more than 2 meters)
Remark:The default IP address of master AP and slave AP is