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  • HD AHD/TVI/CVI Video Anti-jammer Device for CCTV

HD AHD/TVI/CVI Video Anti-jammer Device for CCTV

Item Code: GSD-HD645T/R
Brand: GSD
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Product  Description:
This Anti-jammingan avoid many kinds of interference, such as High frequency interference, Low frequency interference, electronic wave interference and Pulse interference. It can help solve image transmitting problem and ensure the stability of the signals' transmitting quality in the bad environment, it can also increase the distance of the images transmitting.


Perfect support HD-AHD/TVI/CVI 5MP!

Eliminate kinds of interference

Ensure image transmitting quality

Increase video transmitting distance

BNC male to BNC female with mini cable 25 on both sides

Powered by 12V/1A DC

Both transmitter and receiver made of metal housing, durable

Easy to install