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  • HD AHD/TVI/CVI Video Splitter video distributor

HD AHD/TVI/CVI Video Splitter video distributor

Item Code: GSD-HDVD104
Brand: GSD
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Product application fields:

This CCTV video splitter is one of the portable splitter which can split 1 or multi-channel HD CCTV signal to multi-channel signals. This machine is suitable for DVD, VCD, SVCD, multimedia computer, recording and whoever has video output function of the equipment, all can be used as the native source input.Its useful for entertainment, audiovisual education, monitoring and control system, and very suitable for signal transmission over long distances.






1in 4out

2in 8out

4in 16out

8in 32out

Split 1 channel HD video signal to 4 channel video signals

Split 2 channel HD video signal to 8 channel video signals

Split 4 channel HD video signal to 16 channel video signals

Split 8 channel HD video signal to 32 channel video signals


1. No compression, no delay for distribution of video output.

2. Famous SGM semiconductor, professional video amplifier IC chip design.

3. Compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM.

4. Simulation bandwidth can be as high as 300 MHZ.

5. Professional broadcast grade A standard.

6. support hd video signal distribution.

7. The video signal disposal technology makes the image signal stability.

8. Without software settings, support plug and play function.

9. Built-in surge and electrostatic protection.

10. The output distance can reach 0-500 meters, signal without attenuation.